Adding Excellence to the Blood Plasma industry

Since 1997 we support the Blood Plasma industry with our services. Our experiences over the years, led to the development of a Plasma Best Practice based on SAP ERP. In this Best Practice we combine proven SAP ERP technology with our industry specific solutions.

The consultants of our dedicated plasma team are familiar with the complex business processes and know how to work in strict GMP/ Validated environments. We are proud to say: ‘we speak the language of the customer’. This applies to all of our experienced consultants.  

Processes we cover in our Plasma Best Practice are:

  • Pre-storage (anonymous): plasma shipment reception
  • Identification & Weighing: plasma unit scanning
  • Logistics & storage: pallet composition
  • Production Lot composition (Pool Building)
  • Extensive multi-angle Look-back reporting
  • Plasma Pool Planning & Compliant Manufacturing
  • Customer interaction: Blood Supplier’s Portal
  • WebPortal Principles
  • Electronic Bleeding list upload (Advanced Shipping Notification)
  • Real-time Look-back announcements

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