Dobla’s Vietnamese production facility goes live with Gold4Food

Gold4Food provides food producer and supplier Dobla with a centrally organised environment that enables purchasing, sales, production, planning, finances and inventory management at various sites to be seamlessly aligned. Gold4Food, a pre-configured template based on SAP Business All-in-One, combines best practices for the food industry with specific Goldfish solutions for this industry. This solution was implemented at the European production sites and at the logistics centre in Belgium on 1 January 2012. This was followed by a roll-out at the American production site in October 2012. Dobla’s production facility at Vung Tau in Vietnam went live with Gold4Food on 1 July.


Dobla Vietnam is a chocolate processing facility where liquid chocolate is made into a wide range of chocolate decoration products that find their way to bakeries, the catering industry and food manufacturers all over the world. Gold4Food gives the Vietnamese site an integrated planning solution, real-time insight into production and inventories, and the ability to automatically create customer-specific labels with the declaration of ingredients that can be retrieved directly from SAP. Products can also, if desired, be sent from every site to every customer, with the intracompany billing between the locations being processed automatically.


One of the challenges in this project was the implementation of the Gold4Food solution in a non-Western environment with significant differences in language, culture, legislation, procedures and standard practices. In Vietnam there are numerous regulations for financial accounting and reporting to local and national government agencies. Accompanying documentation had to be added to the streamlined ERP processes for reporting to these agencies. All of these documents were drawn up in the Vietnamese alphabet.


Despite the complexity of the language and the regulations, it is astonishing to see how quickly the Vietnamese users have learned to use SAP and adopted the relevant processes. All of the users are highly motivated to learn to use SAP as quickly as possible. The drive for innovation and the associated speed of working are highly impressive. The users see the Gold4Food template as an opportunity for more effective internal collaboration as well as optimal production planning and worldwide distribution.